Projects & UFO’s

This is the actual list of projects I have planned, projects I’m working on, and projects that are lying around in boxes still unfinished*.  I’m being totally honest here!  (But you’ll know I mean it when you see how many there are…)

  1. Kimono needle-work piece (about two-thirds done)
  2. Aron’s sweater: a red cabled sweater with gray collar and cuffs (about one-third done)
  3. Angel cross-stitch: a big beautiful cross-stitch of an angel with a Klimt-like gown (about two-thirds done)
  4. Secret quilt for the International Quilt Festival’s Sapphire Anniversary blue-and-white challenge!  (This will be completely secret until submitted.)
  5. Kamar-Taj sorcerer costume: fabrics acquired, design in process.  For Worldcon 2018!
  6. Fuchsia/green quilt: made from blocks for the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild’s 2015 Block of the Month. (top completed)
  7. Gloria’s embroidery: a wall hanging composed of some pieces of crewel-work my mother-in-law made many moons ago.  (still lying in a box unbegun after two years)
  8. Quilt with appliqué tree and list of spiritual gifts: an intended gift for a former church of ours.  (tree almost finished)
  9. Shop Tour quilt: made from fabrics I bought while on the Southern California annual shop tour in 2015.  (layered and basted since May of 2015)
  10. Log cabin quilt: started for our home in Santa Barbara (which we moved out of in 2014), in white, aqua, purple, and green.  (started hand-quilting it last June)
  11. Jessica Levitt’s fabric challenge: a quilt top using fabrics from Jessica Levitt’s line with water droplets.  (top completed; seeing a trend here?)
  12. English paper piecing: this is a very long-term project that I started in 2013 to do on planes.  White background and scraps.  (twenty-odd blocks completed)
  13. Cathedral-window quilt for my cousin-by-marriage: she’s thirteen and beginning to show some serious artistic skill, so we’re going to do an artistic trade before she gets too famous to care about the little people.  (designed, but delayed until summer vacation)

Yes, I’m crazy.  But I’m actually going to finish some of these this year.   I swear.


*This list does not include things I’m planning to make for my Etsy store, until I decide to post about them.  Trade secrets, you know.  (Not really, but, you know…)