Why do I craft?  Because I love making things.  Oftentimes I love starting things a lot more than I like finishing them, but I’m not alone there.  My grandmother quilted, and my great-grandmother, and I learned to quilt because I wanted to be more connected to my gran (who died when I was nine).  We found some of her unfinished quilt tops in a box one summer when I was nineteen, and I thought, “I could learn to do this…”

My mom started me on the sewing machine when I was eight; in my teens I made some clothes and jewelry, and wrote a lot of teenage scribbles, mostly poems, but some short stories and the seeds of two novels.  I also cross-stitched from a young age.  Since my college years I’ve learned to piece, appliqué, quilt, bind, embroider (some), crochet, knit, paper fold, do some three-dimensional fabric effects, and design quilts!

To my recollection, I’ve only made two quilts that exactly followed a pattern; ever since the first one, I’ve been designing my own.  I’ve made baby quilts and quilts that went to college, bed quilts and wall quilts and one teeny tiny micro-quilt.  I’d like to put up pages here with the stories of all my quilts; we’ll see how long that takes!

In 2015 I started an Etsy shop, The Velvet Pincushion, to sell some supplies, vintage things, and quilts of my own making.  I’ll be posting here about the progress of those projects as well as my private crafting, and work on my own patterns.  Mostly, this is just a space to talk about the fun I’m having, maybe share some of my own solutions to design and construction problems.  Maybe I’ll even talk about the novel I’m writing (it’s my first!).  I hope these stories are fun for you to read.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions.  Enjoy!