I Will Never Be a Regular Blogger

So, having completely neglected my blog since April, I logged in the other day to check on it, and discovered that one of my posts has gotten more than 1,600 views this year.  What?!  It turns out that my one tutorial, on hanging a quilt with Command Strips, is actually being read, and, one hopes, being useful to people.  How very gratifying!

So the thing I never mentioned in the last eight months (but which all four people who follow me will already know), is that… I’m pregnant!  We’re expecting Wiggly in ten days if he’s on schedule, but as it’s now less than two weeks to his due date, he might turn up any time.

I didn’t feel like I could blog about this, so I didn’t blog at all.  But, facing the reality of my own personality, I doubt I’ll ever post regularly.  Particularly now that I’ve closed my Etsy store…

This partly has to do with expecting our first child any day now.  It also has to do with UK customs laws.  We’re allowed to bring our possessions into the country without paying import duty, but one of the conditions is that we won’t sell them in the UK (or otherwise dispose of them) within twelve months of the move, without getting customs permission.  It seems better all around if I don’t try to start up my Etsy store on British soil until after that, if at all, and anyway, I’ll be pretty busy for the first year after the move.

The good news is, I can keep my shop name and re-open it at any time, should the right circumstances arise.  I might keep the blog going once I get sewing again after the baby’s born, though who knows when that will be.  Much of our future is unforeseeable right now.  Thank you to those who have been reading; I hope I’ll be posting again in a few months.

To say good-bye for now, here are a few pictures from recent crafty adventures.


Microwave bowl-potholders for my brother and his fiancée.


My kimono needlework, finally framed and hung up.


Progress on my angel.  I’m working on the other wing now, and once that’s finished it’s time to add all the beads!  (Where will there be beads?  In a halo around her head, and everywhere on her skirt where there aren’t stitches. This is an angel with a lot of bling.)


Blocks for a quilt for Wiggly, made by the lovely members of my quilt guild.


A big crochet blanket for Wiggly and me, made by my intrepid mother-in-law.


And the final shots of my attempt at a one-year-of-stitches hoop.  I had very little energy for a lot of my pregnancy, and many things slid or fell entirely by the wayside.  I ended up neglecting the hoop for long periods and then “catching up,” so it’s not really a year of stitches. But I got the tree finished in the end, and added a little caterpillar to symbolize Wiggly.  Scroll down for detail shots.



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