Verna is Complete!

Version 2

These pictures and Verna’s debut on Etsy actually date from a week ago, but I’ve been down with YET ANOTHER COLD, so I’ve had to wait this long for my motivation to recharge.

The obliging quilt-holder in these pictures is my excellent mother-in-law.

This was my first time washing a quilt before passing it on to someone else, and I was more than a little anxious about it, but by the grace of God and a Scott color-catcher sheet, Verna came through like a champ.

This print with the red flowers is vintage.  Almost the first thing that happened when I joined my first quilt guild in Santa Barbara (the Coastal Quilters) was an estate sale for one of their members who had passed away just the month before, with all her stash and supplies and many of her quilts for sale at discount prices.  My husband went with me (he was already so supportive of my crafty endeavors) and we picked out two small quilts and a bag full of fabrics.  We’ve had the two quilts hanging in our various homes for years, and, as you can see, some of the stash is finally seeing the light of day again in new quilts.

IMG_6150 (1)

The design for Verna is taken from Moda’s Modern Building Blocks, which was so big a couple years ago.  I made my own version of their quilt for one of my Christmas quilts, and really liked the blocks, so hopefully Verna will only be the first of a series of them, done up full-size as wall quilts.


I undertook the orange-peel quilting with great trepidation, but it’s actually very forgiving once it’s done.  The only marking I did for it was a grid; wavy lines of quilting go around the lines like a slalom, crossing at the intersections.  I think I’ll try it again sometime!


This was also my first time trying this particular label technique: you fold a square of fabric in half diagonally, and hide the raw edges under the binding.  I can definitely recommend it for being easy and time-saving, but make sure that you sew the diagonal edge down to the quilt back before you wash it.  I didn’t think to do this, and the loose diagonal edge got all stretched out and gappy in the wash.  It looked terrible.  So, a little hand-stitching to the rescue!  Now all you can see is that the corners curve over the binding ever so slightly, but I gave each one a tiny hand-stitch in a quilting thread to hold it down too, so hopefully no one will ever know.  (Except that I just told the entire internet.  Hm.  The perils of blogging…)

Always label your quilts!!


I really like how the back came out.  I wasn’t sure how the white threads would look on this dark vintage print, but the suggestion of the pattern really looks interesting.


Just your standard hanging sleeve…


Verna’s now up for sale in my Etsy store, The Velvet Pincushion.  I’m still deep in the prep stages of my secret project, so I’ll have to dig something else out of the UFO box to work on in the meantime.  I’ll get back to you once I pick something…

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