Verna Returns!


For today’s Sew Day with my lovely quilt guild, after thirteen months of waiting, the indomitable Verna has finally made it out of the box and back onto my sewing machine for her final round of quilting.

I finished quilting the body of the star a year ago February; I think my last posted picture showed the grid for the orange peels on the red section, which I hadn’t done yet.  You can see those further down; I also did straight lines on the large vintage-print triangles, on the diagonal to echo the hypotenuse, every half-inch, in black so it would be very subtle and let the print speak for itself.

And then, I just got scared of the white sections on the outside.  And then, well, life happened.

But with the Sew Day coming up, I decided it was time for Verna to come back into the spotlight.  As long as I’m stalled on my secret project, I might as well finish a UFO.  (More about that later…)

Using a water-soluble pen, I marked long vertical lines, alternating sets of two and three, making sure they would match up all along the quilt.  To prevent the quilt top from buckling and rippling, all these stitching lines need to go from the center out, and in each section, all in the same direction, which means that there’s no cutting down on starts and stops by going back and forth.

There’s gonna be a lot of ends to bury…


Fortunately that’s an easy thing to do in front of the TV.

In this picture you can see how the orange peels turned out on the red sections.  (It’s a much more forgiving design than I’d expected.)  I’m really happy with how this quilting design is coming together…IMG_6116

Including on the back!IMG_6118

Today in three hours I got all the white sections marked and half of them quilted, so I have every hope that I’ll be able to finish Verna and post her for sale before my quilt guild meeting next Saturday.  Then I can bring her for show and tell!

As for my super-secret project, well, I told you last time that I’ve decided I can’t make it in the way I wanted to, which has produced an understandable drop in enthusiasm for the project.  That, combined with a busy week, means I haven’t started yet on Test Block 3.

But, all hope is not lost.  The other day I took the plunge and bought four yards of a fabric that I had decided to use in the project.  I’d only gotten a fat quarter of it before, to compare to other things I was considering, and the anxiety was mounting that it would disappear before I made up my mind to come back for it, and I wouldn’t even know what it was called!  And I wouldn’t have bought the fabric if, somewhere inside me, I hadn’t decided that I can see this project through.


Only time will tell.

Tune in next time for an update on… something.  🙂


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