New Pattern for Sale! And a hint…

I recently invested in MacStitch, a really interesting piece of software for designing cross-stitch patterns.  It lets me copy a design onto a grid much more quickly than my CAD program, and then export the design to an easy-to-print PDF chart!  So I figure, from now on, whenever I design a cross-stitch pattern (and I’ve done a few), I’ll just make up a chart for it and list it for sale.  🙂

Which brings me to two announcements.  First, that I’ve now made an updated, easy-to-print chart for my “Once a king in Narnia” pattern (in about twenty minutes).  And there was great rejoicing!

Second, that I now have a new pattern up for sale: “Barracks Sweet Barracks”.


This was commissioned by a member of the Armed Forces to brighten up his military accommodations.  When he explained to me what he wanted, I was only too happy to throw together a design and make him the pillow.

I felt that a certain simplicity of design was called for, and the redwork seemed very appropriate since he wanted it to look traditional and homey.

It was my mother-in-law’s brilliant idea to add the little hearts.

Pillow not included.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been promising a hint about my secret project for a while now, so I guess it’s only sporting to deliver…

I can tell you that it’s technically quite challenging, and that I wasn’t sure from the get-go whether I would be able to make it the way I wanted.  I have now made two test blocks, and while the second went better than the first, this unaccountable gap appeared between two of my pieces, for no reason, in a very irreconcilable way, and I have been forced to conclude that I cannot make it the way that I want.  I will have to go for something much simpler, which I hope will nonetheless be awesome.

This is the first time I’ve started a project and found it too difficult to complete.  I mean, I’ve let things fall by the wayside before, but because I was bored with them, not because they defeated me.

My mother-in-law says this means I wasn’t really stretching myself, but I am now!

So, now I need to make up a third test block with the simpler approach, and see how that goes.

I will also tell you (since I haven’t really told you anything about the project yet) that it is based on the hexagon.

Make of that what you will.

Updates on my “One Year of Stitches” hoop next time!

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