Life is what happens while you’re making other plans

So much news to catch up on over the last month!

Bad news first: Sadly, I did not make it to the sew day with my guild earlier in March.  I actually haven’t made it once since last August when it was 102 degrees (go figure).  The week before last I spent the whole time in bed with the flu.  My daily embroidery fell by the wayside, and I’m now two weeks behind.

Frustratingly, I’m still recovering, but today I got back to the gym (and did half my usual workout), and yesterday I finished a new thing!

It’s a zipper pouch made in artificial fur!  Use it as a clutch, to hold sewing notions, or makeup, or jewelry… The possibilities are endless.  And when you pull it out of a bag, it will have very charming bed-head.  Now up for sale in my Etsy shop.  There’s just one for now, but I might make more if it sells.

Now for the really big news.

Drumroll please…………………………

My husband has a new job!

At Cambridge University!

Yes, that’s right…  We’re moving to England.

Yep.  England.  It’s both hugely exciting, and very daunting.  There are a couple of million things to think about: getting our visa, whether to join a Cambridge college (and which one), transitioning to the National Health, having to learn to drive all over again, changing all of our everything (phone plan, pharmacy, quilt guild, Amazon, electronic gadgets?), the general lack of electric dryers, slightly different words for lots of things, and of course, the overpowering importance of avoiding office Christmas parties.  And that’s all without the question of where we’re going to live and how long it will take to save up for a house.

Whenever I get overwhelmed by all of this, I take a moment to remember: Cambridge.

We are excited and scared.

Tune in next time for an update on my one year of stitches hoop, the new projects I’ve started that I didn’t have time for, and perhaps a clue about my secret mystery project.  (I know, I teased you with that last time.  But maybe this time I’ll deliver.)

Happy Easter!

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