The Vintage Linen Returns!

Four lots of vintage Irish linen are now available again in my Etsy shop.  Now the only thing I haven’t been able to find is that Pfaltzgraff pitcher…  (Which is fine, since people kept favoriting it and not buying it.)

My beloved husband is flying home today after his fifth job interview in three months.  Thanks to his TWO tenure-track offers, we have every reason to hope it will be his last interview for a few years, at least.  God is so good to us.

My quilt guild is having a sew day on Saturday, so I’m planning to take some time to work on a UFO or two, and do a test block for a new secret project!  (Really, really secret; it’s going to be submitted to the International Quilt Festival, so I’m keeping it totally under wraps.  Except for my artistic consultants.)

And now, as promised, my One Year of Stitches Hoop!


I saw a couple of people doing One Year of Stitches on Instagram last year, and thought it might be good for me as a spiritual exercise.  The idea is to do a little every day, and not give up on it, for a year.  I’m so prone to put things off and only work on them in long sessions, that it would probably be good for me to really learn that a little every day accumulates too.

I was fortunate enough to be staying with my sister-in-law and her family over New Year’s, and when I asked her on New Years Day whether she had any spare fabric lying around, she pulled out this lovely cotton tablecloth with silver threads running through it, that had unfortunately gotten stained in a few places, but not so much that she could bear to throw it away.  I cut out a section to use for this and, with her blessing, brought the rest home with me.

At first it was hard to only do a little, like one cloud, and then stop, rather than keep going and do a whole bank of clouds, or stars.  And then, some days have been so crazy that I’ve only done a single stitch, as I did for most of a week with these wisteria flowers.  (Which, purely out of my own whim, ended up having blue centers.)  Sometimes I’ve experimented with a stitch or motif I’ve never done before, like this woven rose.


Other times, twice recently, I’ve forgotten to do my stitching for a day, or even two days, and had to make it up later.  Today, to catch up for the last two days, I did the body of this pink anemone.  Tentacles coming soon!


Sometimes I’ve had no idea what to do, and that’s sort of what this geometric section has ended up being for.  The mandala is entirely made up of days when I had no ideas, and just added another layer.  (Not the ampersand, though; it was tricky to couch such tight curves in such a thick thread (Kreinik Size 8 braid), but I had a lot of fun doing it.  And the green Celtic knot (woven through the silver threads).)


If you’re interested in following along on my One Year of Stitches, you can follow me on Instagram at velvetpincushion.  I don’t post a picture every day anymore, but there should be updates at least once a week.

Tune in next time for (hopefully) a quilt finish, and perhaps some hints about my secret IQF quilt!

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