Updates 2/28/18

Two weeks ago I took over my in-laws’ living room, pulled out all my fabric bins, and sorted through and re-organized my entire stash.

It took three days.


I originally meant to do this before we moved last summer, but since we ended up not being short of space in the POD I put it off, until I finally felt like doing it.  I’ve re-ordered my quilting fabrics and my apparel fabrics, put away a huge pile of scraps, and re-organized all my project boxes.  I also pulled out two garbage bags full of things that I’ll never use that can be recycled, and three boxes full of things I’ll never use that can be given away at Quilt Guild meetings.  (I was given a LOT of free fabric last year.  Some of which I’m keeping…)

Now I actually have a few empty boxes in my craft room, and space on a shelf for another!

The upshot of this is that I’ve finally managed to take stock for the Etsy store (TheVelvetPincushion) and put some of my listings back in it.  I still haven’t dug out the vintage linen (although I have a pretty good idea where it is), but I know where all the other things are, and have dumped several items that were probably never going to sell.  I’m hoping to finish some projects soon and put a new quilt or two in the store, and possibly some zipper pouches!  We’ll see how things develop.

In other news, my husband the physicist has been deeply involved for the last six months in pursuing his next job, which would hopefully be tenure-track and pay more money and enable us to stop moving around so much.  I am thrilled to announce that he now has two offers!   One of them is extremely exciting, and we’re hopeful that in the next month or so we’ll be able to nail down where we’ll be moving next and when we’ll go.  (Which, naming no names, might be to another country!)

And now to go unpack the suitcase that’s been lying on my floor for two days…  Stay tuned for more announcements, and coming soon, pictures of my One Year of Stitches Hoop!

2 thoughts on “Updates 2/28/18

  1. Another country, but Nicole, I was just about to email you to see if I could come visit this spring! Argh. Well, good luck with your decision and next plans! And expect my email soon anyway. 🙂


    • Oh, but we won’t be moving until August at the very earliest. Probably not until January. We would love to see you! And we even have a guest room that you could sleep in. (If you don’t mine sharing space with all my crafting supplies…)


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