The Christmas Quilt Begins

Fall is in the air.


Yesterday I enjoyed some chamomile tea with the strainer I brought back from Royal Delft, in the Netherlands.


My angel is coming along slowly, but beautifully.  You can begin to see the final shape of the robes.


On Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon at a Sewcial with members of my quilt guild (the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild).  They set up in the hall of a local church with a lot of room, enough space for each of us to have our own eight-foot table.


I always take more stuff to these things than I could possibly finish.  I took the blocks for Marigold, as well as all the sashing and batting and things I’d need to assemble the quilt; I took Verna, basted and ready to quilt; and I took all the fabrics for the Christmas quilt.  The Sewcial was meant to run from 1:30 to 9 at night, and I didn’t know how long I meant to stay, but it’s been a tense couple of weeks, and I was really looking forward to some quality time with the sewing machine.

I quilted a couple of blocks for Marigold, using some of the threads from my Aurifil thread sets, which my parents gave me last Christmas.  🙂


I love the colors of these threads, and using them always makes me think of my parents.

After finishing two of the blocks (which take about forty minutes each), I decided to change gears.  I settled on a final design for the Christmas quilt in my computer-assisted drawing program, took one quadrant, and broke it down into strip sets.



I then lined up the squares and measured the resulting rectangles.  Multiply the length by 1.25 to take into account the seam allowances; multiply that by four for the other quadrants, and then divide by 44″ to see how many strips I need to cut.

It came out to 4.5.  (I think I got it right…)  So I layered the fabrics in sets, folded them in half, and cut five 2.5″ strips from each set.


Tonight I started sewing!  I finished sewing the first strip-set together, the red and gold ones.



Once I’ve got all the strip sets together, I’ll cut them into segments cross-wise, and sew those end-to-end to make each row.

Tomorrow, the sewing will continue.  For tonight, peace be with you.



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