Quilting Complete!

I put in a marathon session with the sewing machine this afternoon, and the quilting on my block-of-the-month quilt is finally complete!


I’ve continued to improvise with straight lines in the colored pieces.  It’s been a lot of fun, building up the contrast with the curvy lines in the background, and the overall texture of the quilt.  The straight lines are all done with the walking foot, of course, while the squiggles were done with a free motion foot.

I improvised all of the background quilting, no prep or chalk lines, except for using the shapes of the quilt pieces as guides: squares, triangles, strips, and then expanding out and really going nuts in the big empty spaces.  I learned many of the quilting motifs from Lori Kennedy’s Craftsy class on free-motion quilting, as well as her blog, The Inbox Jaunt.  (I enthusiastically recommend it; she has oodles of cute pattern tutorials, with lots of pictures and clear instructions.)  You can see the flower-in-a-square and the echoed star below, as well as the thread spool with squiggles in the bottom left; I learned all of them from her class.FullSizeRender

The one exception in the background is the straight lines in this section.  I also did these with the walking foot, to echo the shape of the chevrons.IMG_2961

I did most of the straight lines by eye, except in the bottom-right-hand block below.  I used a long acrylic ruler and a chalk pencil to draw continuous lines down the length of each colored strip, so that I could match the pattern of lines in each segment.IMG_2962

All it needs now is a binding and a hanging sleeve.  I’m thinking I’ll use some more of the backing fabric for the binding; the dynamic print should both contrast the solid fabrics in the quilt and complement the colors.


So this quilt needs about another hour’s work, maybe two.  (I guess at some point it needs a name…)  After that, I think I’ll begin, at long last, one of my vintage-block-quilt projects: Marigold.



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