My Current Projects

The things I’m working on most at present are a cross-stitch angel and a quilt that has been waiting for months for me to finish it.


My mom found the pattern for this angel before I left for Europe five weeks ago.  I gathered the threads for it, asked a friend to scan it for me, and set off across the Atlantic. Imagine my surprise when, two weeks later, I found a finished version of the exact same angel in a needlework shop in Amsterdam!

Of course mine is still very much in progress…


…but it’s my first time following a complex cross-stitch pattern, and I’m really looking forward to getting it framed and hanging it on the wall.  (I’m even looking forward to the beading.  This probably makes me crazy, but I’ve never done it before, and learning a new skill is always exciting.)  I made a lot of progress on it during our vacation, but I’m sure it will still take untold weeks of Netflix and Hulu to get it finished.  Updates soon!

The quilt is one of two that I began for my local quilt guild’s block-of-the-month last year.


I began sewing it in April of 2015, completed the top a month later, and then let it sit around until March of this year.  (I have a bad habit of doing this.  It’s not uncommon for a finished quilt top to wait at least a month for me to work around to quilting it, and it can take more than a year if I’m not on a deadline.)  I did almost all of the gray quilting on my Flynn quilting frame as a practice piece; I improv-ed all of it to get a feel for how the frame moved and try out different designs.  The thread spools in the picture are my selections to quilt each of the colored components; I’ve matched each fabric with a coordinating thread, and will be quilting each colored element with straight lines, as a contrast to all the curves in the background.


The improv quilting is not the neatest work, but one of the things I love about machine quilting is how incredibly forgiving it is.  You can doodle anything resembling a coherent shape, and that’s how the eye reads it.  And, as far as I can tell, practically any motif can be improved by echo-quilting, which is really easy to learn.

(And if you’re wondering, yes, I did sew that block incorrectly, but I decided, since the error occurred in all the corner squares consistently, that I would live with it.  Somehow after the quilting I minded it even less.  *shrug*)

As you might imagine from my confession about procrastinating quilting, I’ve piled up quite a few UFO’s, and I’ve recently decided that the best thing I can do for my home storage situation is actually finish some projects.  🙂  So this August is the month of finishing things!  I’m planning to complete several small things that have been lying around waiting for my attention, and pick away at a couple of big things, namely, my first vintage-block quilts: Jacob’s Ladder (left), and Marigold (right).

Jacob’s Ladder is so named because it came to me as a set of 92-inch-long strips, each composed of nine-patch blocks separated by white sashing.  I’ll be adding my own white sashing between the strips, and then quilting the top in sections.  I dunno where the name for Marigold came from; I had to call it something.  I acquired the twelve 18″ blocks at a UFO auction with my quilt guild last December, and I think they’re probably where the germ of the vintage-block-quilt idea came from.

For Marigold, I’ll be quilting as I go.  I’ve selected a light gray fabric with a quiet leaf-pattern for the sashing between the blocks (not the one in the picture, that was just a color reference), and a solid white cotton for the backing.  Jacob’s Ladder is presenting some difficulties with applying the new sashing, so I’ll be working on Marigold first.

Updates to follow.  Thank you for reading!


One thought on “My Current Projects

  1. Nice! I need to learn more about quilting as you go – I am thinking that my goddaughter V’s quilt will be done this way. We must discuss this someday! Wishing you all the best in getting these UFO’s done! :))) I am going to add you to my feedly reader so I don’t miss a single post! 🙂


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