Hello, World!

My name is Nicole, and I am a quilter.


I also crochet, knit, sew clothes and bags, embroider, and design my own patterns.  Here are some things that I’ve made.

This one is the piece I’m proudest of, a quilt of my own design that I made for my quilt guild’s annual challenge in 2014.  It won first place in the Viewer’s Choice category.


Of course I have a life outside of crafting.  I’m currently writing a novel and waiting to hear from a nearby university about a teaching job.  I’m married to a physicist, with whom I share a cat and several hundred books, and we will be moving to a new town to-be-determined in about twelve months.  Now, why am I writing a blog, you might ask?

In this day and age the first answer is probably, “Why not?”  But more to the point, I started a little Etsy shop several months ago (also called The Velvet Pincushion).  Most of the things I have for sale are small, but my longer-term plan is to make several quilts for sale, using vintage blocks!

I was going to get a couple of them done before my husband and I took our five-week trip to Europe this summer, but circumstances intervened, procrastination occurred, the trip began and ended, and not one of my six vintage-block quilts has made it past the design phase.

That’s where the blog comes in.  I want to tell the stories of these quilts as they’re made, capture the process and the choices, and in so doing, give myself a little extra incentive to keep working on them.  It’s my hope this will be interesting for other people too.  It’s not my first attempt at a blog, but since I can’t imagine stopping crafting anytime soon, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep this one going.  Let’s see what happens!



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